Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing started out as a medium that allowed people to let others know what they were doing or what was on their minds has now turned into a world-wide sensation with millions and millions of users. Unless you are hiding under a rock, you have heard of social media sites that include Facebook and Twitter. There are other less known sites such as Plaxo and Linked In. There are also a number of sites that have decided to work together and created massive communities where people can interact with others and share their knowledge and insight. There are still people that are sceptical of the power of these sites but when you think about the fact that five hundred million people are on Facebook alone you must get a sense of how powerful it can be when looking to increase your business productivity and sales. This is where social media marketing can really boost your business.

Using Social Media Marketing to cover more ground

When you think of these sites you probably think of those that were listed above but there are so many more that are have not been listed and people very rarely think about. If you have little experience outside of Facebook and Twitter you might want to hire someone who is familiar with this type of marketing to get you setup with blogs, video and podcasting and forums where you can interact with other people. You should also create your own individual website where you will sell your products and advertise to customers, this is especially good when you allow customer and visitors to interact with you and each other. You can easily cover more ground when you choose to use more social media sites to advertise your products.

What is Social Media Marketing and how can it benefit your business?

Business owners who have never used the internet before or other sites sometimes do not understand what marketing is, nor do they understand how they can use it to benefit their business. The first thing that people need to understand is that the days of advertising in the newspaper and yellow pages are gone and with the creation of these sites it is unlikely they will return to the level they once were. People are now turning to internet websites to get their message out there. Companies are now taking their advertising money and are investing it in online campaigns that are often cheaper and reach more people at once. This also means that those businesses and companies that were using Facebook and Twitter several years ago are no longer considered insane but are now being view as geniuses. Business owners are catching on the trend of using social media sites as a way of promoting their companies now that it has become more mainstream.


When it comes to efficient marketing and networking there is one obstacle that often deters people from using this medium for advertising and getting your name out there is the amount time it takes to learn how to do it effectively. If you are working alone you may find that you do not have enough time to do this well and therefore they opt for something else. To overcome this obstacle you can hire an expert in the area to assist you if the budget allows.

Hiring a social media marketing expert is the right way to go if you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount time it takes to manage your sites, interact with clients and post new content on a regular basis. This person will take care of everything for you and allowing you to have some free time. They will also report all sales to you and inform you of how things are going and what you can do to make improvements if needed.