Lacking Twitter Followers? Follow These Simple Steps!

Twitter Followers

Are you sick of talking to yourself in Twitter? Are your Twitter posts starting to reek of cobwebs? Tweeting about your day is fun, but not as fun as when you have people actually reading your tweets. It can really be a drag to have a Twitter account but have absolutely no Twitter followers. Gaining Twitter followers is a tad bit more complicated that gaining friends in other social networks. If your Twitter life is getting a little lonely or if your posts are met with cricket sounds, then you need to follow a few steps to get you started on living the Twitter life of the party.

  • Always remember that your goal is to get maximum exposure without looking too pesky or spammy. You will only get Twitter followers if people think you deserve it, so don’t just flood your wall with spam, lest people delete you from their followed list because of annoyance. Always remember to follow your tweets with Please RT. This is will encourage people to retweet your posts and give you more exposure to the followers of those who retweets your post.
  • You can try following #followfridays for more followers. Every Friday, a Twitter convention creates a five person list of people who they highly recommend to follow. If you don’t know how the process works, try accessing Twitter for more information.
  • A good way to gain followers is to follow businesses in Twitter. Businesses are bound to follow you back, as it helps their business thrive as well. Followers of a certain business might follow you if they find your profile interesting.
  • Try sending a Twitter message to a prominent actor or an influential person. If for some stroke of lack the person replies, which happens frequently, mind you, then you are bound to have a dozen friends instantly. Followers of the person are bound to check your profile and follow you as well.

With some patience and some good amount of time, you are bound to gain a lot of Twitter followers with the techniques given above.